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Advent 2017 Devotional - Dec. 13

Luke 1:39-56 When Gabriel told Mary she would bear the Messiah,he vouched for the truth of his words by saying that Elizabeth was also pregnant. Much remains unspoken in this passage. It seems likely that Mary, facing distrust and disapproval in Nazareth, yearned to be with a woman who could understand her experience. In any case, she went to Judea (several days’ journey),and spent time with Elizabeth.

Mary’s Magnificat (in Latin, the first word of her song in verse 46) was not bland “church talk.” In verses 52-54, this peasant girl in an occupied land praised a God who scatters the proud, brings down rulers and feeds the hungry. How Does Mary’s song offer you hope and challenge (whether you feel rich or poor, powerful or powerless)?

Imagine the day-to-day support and understanding these two women gave each other during their three months. Who has blessed you with understanding and love when you really needed it? Is there someone who needs your support this Advent season?

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