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Advent 2017 Devotional - Dec. 12

Luke 1:1-4

Like other ancient history writers, Luke began his narrative about Jesus with a formal Greek prologue. In it, he told us several important things. He said his writing was the result of careful personal investigation. And he let Theophilus, and us, know what his primary sources of information were—“those who from the first were eyewitnesses.”

Ancient historians highly valued eyewitness testimony. .Only one or two people saw many parts of Luke’s Christmas story. Who could have told Luke about Gabriel’s visit to Zechariah or Mary? Christian tradition says Mary lived in Ephesus, where Luke went with Paul. Have you ever thought that Luke might have learned the Christmas story directly from Mary,who lived it?

Luke addressed his two historical books (Luke and Acts) to “Theophilus.” The title “Most Excellent” usually meant he was highly placed in Roman society.How would you write an “eyewitness account” of Jesus’ impact on your life? Consider who you could share it with.

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