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Advent 2017 Devotional - Dec. 11

Luke 1:5-25

Zechariah was one of perhaps 18,000 priests and Levites. To be chosen by lot to burn incense in the Temple was a privilege that might come only once in his lifetime. Like Abraham and Sarah, he and Elizabeth were elderly and childless. But Gabriel was God’s messenger to bring them news of an astounding, unexpected change in their lives.

In Luke 1:30,God's Messenger said, “Do not be afraid, Mary.” Today we see that months before, he said, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah” (verse 13). In fact, “do not be afraid” is the most common command in the entire Bible. What scares you most right now? This Advent, in what part of life do you most need God's Message “Do not be afraid”?

Luke’s story was no “once upon a time” tale. It was about real people and places. he began “In the time of Herod king of Judea.” Does it help you to trust Luke’s story that he gave many names and dates that people in his day could easily have verified? Why or why not?

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