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Advent 2017 Devotional - Dec. 6

Jeremiah 23:1-6

By Jeremiah’s day, David’s kingdom was no more.The leaders had failed.The Assyrian Empire destroyed the breakaway northern tribes.The southern kingdom,(Jeremiah’s home) would soon be overrun by Babylon’s army.The prophet said God would raise up“a branch” (a descendant) of David. He would be a Savior, a good shepherd to God’s scattered people. Focus on the actions and qualities the prophet described in verses 5-6. In what ways do you believe Jesus fulfilled these words in the course of his earthly life? Are there parts of this passage that you see as awaiting fulfillment in the future, when God’s reign is fully established over the earth? Verses 1-2 remind us that God cares deeply how we use our influence (whether over one person or thousands). What do you do, in whatever sphere you have influence, to be a “shepherd” who builds people up, rather than destroying and scattering them? How do you want God to help you grow so you can be the kind of shepherd God blesses?

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