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Advent 2017 Devotional - Dec. 5

2 Sam. 7:4-17

Gabriel told Mary her son would receive “the throne of his father David” (Luke 1:32). For a devout Hebrew like Mary, that phrase brimmed with meaning. God had promised David that his house and kingdom would “endure forever.” To human eyes, that wasn’t happening—Rome ruled Israel. But the hope still lived. The Messiah, Israel believed,would be the promised “son of David.” No doubt David,Nathan the prophet, and most Israelites thought God’s pledge applied to Solomon, David’s heir as king of Israel. Only later events forced people to ask: is the promise true? If so, how? Have you ever found that God takes a longer-range view of your life than you do? How do you develop patience and trust in God’s promises? In verse 8,God reminded David that he was as unlikely a person as Mary would later be. “I took you from the pasture, from tending the flock, and appointed you ruler over my people Israel.” Are you open to the likelihood that God wants to work through you?

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