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Giving - Message Notes

Why we are Joyful Givers:

  • God didn't design us to be miserable-- we were designed to be generous

  • Society tells us we need to be greedy

  • God GAVE his son to us (John 3:16)

  • Giving is not about money-- it's about worship

  • Listen to the Holy Spirit asking for generosity

  • Discover the joy in giving

How we should give:

  • We still need resources for ourselves-- need to manage money wisely

  • What should we give?

  • A tithe is 10% from biblical standards

  • It doesn't always happen if the money is used on other things first

  • The amount given may vary between people

  • It may be your season to learn about the grace of receiving

  • May not be financially stable to give to the church

  • We should give of our time and talents to the church, especially if we can't give financially

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