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To Grieve With Hope - Message Notes

1 Thessalonians 4:13: "Grieve not as those who have no hope."

Society's approach to Grief Management:

  1. Bury your feelings

  2. Replace your loss

  3. Grieve Alone

  4. Give it time, because time heals

  5. Live with regret

  6. Wall up and never love or trust again

The Faith approach to Grief Management:

  1. Feel your feelings

  2. Don't just replace the loss, review the loss

  3. Grieve in community

What to say and do for those grieving:

  1. Acknowledge the loss

  2. Give the mourner permission to grieve and express emotion

  3. Free the grief-stricken person to talk about their loss

  4. Offer practical forms of help-- meals, child care, transportation, etc.

  5. Follow up at least monthly for the first year

What NOT to say and do while others are grieving:

  1. Don't make careless statements like "It was God's will"

  2. Don't attempt to answer the "why" questions

  3. Don't discourage the expression of emotion

  4. Don't be alarmed by off-the-wall comments or behaviors

Final Notes:

  1. The Holy Spirit will heal you.

  2. Romans 12:18: "As far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all."

  3. We can begin again

  4. Put Christ at the Center

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